The world is going through a really difficult period, and we all need our full commitment and resilience to go through it.

These are the times when the best of us show their strengths and survive.

We will not sit complaining. And we will be here when this is over! Count on us.

We have been here since 1990 and survived several crises. This is clearly the most serious one, we do not underestimate that, but we are ready to face it in the most positive way.

We have to build a “new future” and we are doing so thinking of you.

Our key message to our clients is:

  • We are thinking safe, planning safe.
  • Your money is safe with us. We are not closing down. Bankruptcy is not an option. We are stable and we our partners will invest extra if necessary.
  • We have flexibilized our cancelation conditions in order to allow you to decide closer to date either to cancel or postpone.
  • Our tours always have very small groups. From 2 to 14 people.
  • Cycling, walking or in other tours you are breathing and living outdoors. If there is a safe thing to do, regarding COVID 19, it’s ours outdoor activities.
  • We work with mostly small hotels and our suppliers are adapting to even stricter hygiene measures than before. But remember hotels already had really strict rules. At least the Portuguese ones had. We have an institution, ASAE, which makes sure everyone complies with a lot of rules to make you safe.
  • Our bikes will be disinfected before given to you and our vans cleaned before the transfers..
  • Our picnic procedures have been improved in order to adapt to the new needs of people. Even if all gets sorted, we know we will all feel more insecure and we will adapt to make you feel comfortable and BE SAFE.