1 day
Land and water
Bike, Games, Canoeing, Gastronomy


Get your friends together and offer a special day to the bride/groom.

Make this special day memorable and unique, a day you will never forget!

Where is the bike’s seat???

Bike tour in which the bride/groom gets a bike without seat…and a bit dirty…and missing some pieces…

Along the tour there are challenges to overcome and a possibility to gain missing pieces back.

A day at the countryside

Fun day by a lake including several activities in which the bride/bride are always in trouble.

Meeting point: Moinho de Alcaide.

Price per person

Where is the bike’s seat???
Price per person (minimum of 11) Under request
Price per person (minimum of 15) Under request
Bike slalom
Kayak slalom
Regional snack

A day at the countryside

Price per person (minimum of 6) Under request
Price per person (minimum of 10) Under request
Price per person (minimum of 20) Under request
Orienteering by bike and canoe
Team games
Traditional games championship

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